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Black pearl

Official Rules Of CD

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Cracking Drift is strict on rule violation and if broke any law which is not in accordance with CD may result in Permanent Ban or IP BAN if severe.


We ban user user for 5 months for the following violation.

1.Disrespect Staff.

We respect you in return you should respect us.

2.Multiple IDs

We offer you to register on CD thats a proud priviledge but having two accounts is not cool.


If you using a proxy on the forum.You will be banned without further notice for 5 months.

4.Posting Links in Premium Accounts Section.

Our Crackers and staff crack the accounts for you.We will not tolerate if you are advertising or posting links to site such as pastebin etc in accounts section.

5.Now Leeching of Accounts are Prohibited.

User Will Get 1 Month ban From CD .If he make multi accounts to register his ip will get banned .



We ban users permanently or IP ban for the following violation.

1.Infected Tools

Do i even need to say something on this.

2.Mass Spamming by Post or PM.

If you are advertising with Post or PMs we will probably ban.

3.Requesting of accounts In Private Messages if u do not not meet Requirements of 30 reps !

Will Result In ban

Exceptions: Vip,Staff,Crackers

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