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Database Backups

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hi everyone! I managed to get into some sort of enterprise server hosted by amazon, and located backup files for what looks like customer databases (in sql). I'm linking a screenshot to prove how far I got.

help: sadly, I'm not very good yet at getting root access (still starting out on the whole cracking business). could someone maybe point me in the right direction? I'm not expecting a complete walkthrough or anything, but I would like to know how you got there (or if it is even possible). also, if the data turns out to be worth anything, I would appreciate even a small recognition for finding it, even though I didn't manage to extract it myself.

the server is located at and is called hcluster2-web3.aws.

I managed to log in with the credentials:

user: rajesh

password: JdkI19OvS


thanks to everyone willing to help me out a litte!


edit: I know this is only part showing off, and part asking for help. should I move this to a different section?

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