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  1. Learn How to hide IP Address and leave no trace of your any online activity using a VPN. Experts prefer several ways to mask your real IP like proxy, tor, VPN, etc but I prefer using VPN is the most safest and secure way because you easily escape all the surveillance and ISP throttling.
  2. I went through some IP Lookup tools which performed great throughout 2017. One, Tools that shows your IP Address and Location both & Second, Tools that only shows your IP Address. IP Address & Location Lookup: What is my IP Address (Best) whatismyipaddress. com iplocation. net/find-ip-address IP Address Lookup Only: whatismyip. com/ whatismyip. host/ whatsmyip. org/ mxtoolbox. com/whatismyip/
  3. Swimming and gaming.
  4. Hi! This is Cracky. my first official thread here. Its great to be here. (Y)